Instructions on How to Read Bookie Betting Odds for New Players

For those of you who have been involved in soccer betting for a long time, you probably already understand how to read the rulesBookie betting odds. However, new players will encounter many difficulties. In today’s article,New88today will give you detailed instructions on how to read the odds most accurately.

How to read the house betting odds table

Currently, soccer betting websites all support Vietnamese on odds tables. Therefore, you can easily understand and monitor the betting odds provided by the house. Normally, the house odds table will display the following information:

  • Information of the matches: the odds table will display details of the specific time of the match, the opposing teams, tournament and venue.
  • Full match: the type of bet that the player chooses based on the official results of that match.
  • Handicap: also known as Asian handicap, displays the number of goals that the team in the upper handicap will handicap the team in the lower handicap.
  • 1st half: bet results only count in the 1st half of the match.
  • Over/under odds: total number of goals in the match to compare with the prediction that the house made previously.
  • European Handicap: predict which team will win, lose or both teams will draw.

Instructions on how to read house betting odds in the easiest way to understand

If you are a newbie and do not know how to read the house betting odds most accurately, then immediately follow the following information. Below is how to read the most popular odds that bettors should know.

Read Asian odds

Asian Handicap is often called by many bettors by another name, handicap lag. In case the bookmaker only supports English, they will denote it as HDP (Handicap). Players will predict a specific handicap between the upper team and the lower team.

This is one of the most commonly used house betting odds today. However, to give an accurate handicap, bettors need to carefully calculate the playing ability of the two teams. In case the two teams participating in the competition have a clear difference in class, you should use this odds.

Specific example: in the match between England and Germany, the house gives a handicap of 0.5 and the result of the match is 1:1. If you bet on the English team, you will lose. And vice versa, if you bet on Germany, you will win. In case the final score is 2:1, the English bet will win.

Read the over/under odds

When betting on over/under, you only need to care about the total number of goals scored by both teams. When the match ends, you just need to take the total number of goals in the match and compare it with the prediction that the bookmaker previously made. How to bet on the house odds according to over/under as follows:

  • Over: when the total number of goals scored by both teams is greater than the number of points predicted by the bookmaker.
  • Under: the total number of goals in the whole match is lower than the number of points the house predicted before the match.

Read European odds

With this house betting odds, you only need to correctly predict one of the three odds of winning, losing or drawing to win. This is the easiest odds to understand and is very suitable for beginners who are new to soccer betting.
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Summary of principles for predicting house betting odds

In addition to understanding how to read odds, you need to pay attention to the following principles for predicting house odds:

  • Research carefully the teams participating in the competition to make the most accurate assessment of the match. The odds that the bookmaker provides are often not 100% accurate, so you need to research carefully.
  • You need to observe the match to choose the appropriate betting odds. Each type of bet only applies effectively to each different case. For example, if two teams have the same level, if you choose the Asian handicap, you will have a very high income.
  • Follow the betting odds in the house odds table. Normally, when bookmakers change the odds table, they will not notify players. Therefore, you need to continuously update the odds table on the house’s homepage.

Thus, in the article on New88, we have detailed instructions for you on how to read the house betting odds most accurately. Hopefully the above information will help you gain more new knowledge when participating in betting and placing bets at betting playgrounds.sportonline.

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