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If you are passionate about sports betting, you are certainly no stranger to the termFootball tips. However, for new players entering this field, it will feel new and difficult. In the article below, we will help gamers better understand information about soccer betting tips. Let’s take a look!
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What are soccer tips?

Soccer Tip is a source of information that provides details about matches and also provides reviews of soccer betting odds from experts. This term has the English name Football tips or Soccer tips Football.

Betting tipssport Football plays an important role in synthesizing information about matches, which may include comments from experts or tipsters. Experts will share odds and predictions for players based on factors such as team form, starting lineup, confrontation history, etc. This information helps players predict which team is most likely to win. higher chance of winning.

Popular and popular soccer tips today

Below we will introduce to you some of the most popular types of soccer tips that many bettors participate in today as follows:

European football tips

This type of soccer tip originates from Western countries, which explains why the tips are often simple and accessible to players. Most players bet on European odds or use this type of tips. Because it is a more pure and accessible method than other types of tips.

European football tips (Tips 1×2) are considered one of the three most basic and diverse types of tips today. This is also a popular form of betting. According to the report, when players apply standard 1×2 tips, they need to have detailed calculations and predict the results accurately. With a 50-50 probability of winning, although the probability of winning is not high, the estimated profit can be up to 11.9%.

Asian football tips

Asian soccer bookmakers will use European soccer odds to analyze and offer Asian handicaps (Handicap). Handicap bets will be determined based on reports on the progress of the match.

With this type of bet, bettors need to clearly understand what a handicap is and apply a reasonable betting method to optimize the odds of winning. When using Asian Football Tips, care should be taken to ensure the care and effectiveness of the information.

Tips Over/Under (Over/Under)

Over/Under is also known as Over/Under (O/U or Over/Under). This is a type of soccer bet that requires players to accurately predict the number of goals scored in 90 minutes of play, including overtime. Before the match, the house will give odds so players can choose the result.

When learning about soccer Tips based on Over/Under odds, players need to determine 2 doors to bet on: Over and Under, along with odds such as 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0. The highest Over/Under odds are usually 2.5 goals.

Sharing always winning soccer tips for new players

To achieve success and earn bonuses, players need to master some soccer betting experience from experts. As follows:

Check the odds carefully

This is one of the most important experiences when participating in soccer betting, requiring players to collect and analyze a large amount of information from football teams to be able to make the most accurate choices. Specifically:

  • Team rankings: An important step is to pay attention to the current rankings of the two teams on the rankings. Normally, strong teams with stable performance will stand in high positions. The choice between the over or under bet will then be given.
  • Research the current competition situation: In-depth research on the current situation of the two teams is an important soccer tip. This includes reviewing the squad, analyzing play and monitoring player conditions.
  • Away team handicap: If the stronger team is the away team, the handicap is usually from 1/2 to 1 goal. The small difference in the number of handicaps is a sign of a large difference in strength between the two teams. Therefore, choosing the underdog is a safe way.

Soccer tips for not betting on the crowd

The important experience that you should remember is to always maintain your personal betting perspective and not follow the crowd. This helps ensure bets are made sensibly and based on one’s own perspective.
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In addition, we can share with you that some unreliable bookmakers or oddsmakers can affect the outcome of the match. Experienced players are usually aware of this. Therefore, playing with the crowd can lead to a higher chance of losing. Because the bookmakers do not want to pool their money with whichever side has a higher percentage of bettors, this will cause heavy losses for them.

Choose a bet

Besides carefully studying the odds, choosing the betting window also plays an important role. A small football tip that you can remember is that every bookmaker owns a team of betting experts who work continuously. Therefore, the results provided by the bookmaker can reach an accuracy level of up to 80%. This shows that reading the dealer’s predicate is a reliable method. Here are some things to note when choosing a bet as follows:

Choose a bet

  • If a strong team has to play away, a handicap of 1/2 – 1 goal is often the choice. If the force difference is not too much, choosing the lower door has a higher chance of winning.
  • In case the team has similar strength, choose the away team and bet on the same ball. This is because the away team will have a greater effort to win 1 point when playing on the opponent’s field.

Manage your betting budget smartly and properly

An effective soccer tip that we share and ensures your safety if you follow this strategy correctly. Suppose you choose a door with a win rate of up to 70%, placing the appropriate bet amount will help increase the win rate to 90%. Therefore, managing the bet amount and choosing matches creatively will help players maintain their budget effectively.

Effective soccer tips are to gradually increase the bet amount after each match if you win. For example, after winning game 1, you can increase your bet by half for game 2. This can increase your chances of winning and minimize losses in case of misfortune.

Maintain your mentality

One of the effective and failure-free soccer tips is to maintain your mentality and be consistent with the original strategy. Many players, due to not maintaining a stable mentality, are easily overwhelmed and change tactics, which often leads to unwanted losses.

For new players, accurately evaluating the bets and odds for each match can take a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to be patient and follow the strategy set out in advance to help ensure victory.


Above we have compiled information and experience in choosing soccer tips for readers to refer to. Hopefully through this article, players will be more confident when participating New88 Sports betting. Wishing you luck and success in choosing the most accurate soccer betting tips for yourself!

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