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Lottery is becoming a unique hobby for the majority of Vietnamese people today because of its relatively high winning rate. However, pick a number that is easy to win out of 100 different numbers. There are many prediction methods shared by players. So let’s go New88 find understand the first 0 question, what number should you bet on the next day? To make money through the following article.
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Find out what the topic 0 is?

Predicting the lottery according to number 0 is one of the extremely familiar methods for players who have a passion for arithmetic. This is considered the most popular way to remember lottery numbers today.

Usually, only players with many years of experience in picking numbers can understand this method. For this reason, observing and evaluating lottery results needs to be accumulated over a certain period of time.

In addition to the technique of checking the lottery to 0, other numbers from 1-9 are also used, however this is the most prestigious number and once caught, it is difficult to miss. At the same time, this method is also considered one of the first ways that players think of when participating in lottery numbers.

Based on research and experience from your seniors, you can know what number to play the next day when the first number comes to 0. Thanks to that, the reward rate will increase quickly, helping players profit effectively from this arithmetic.

How to check the lottery number to get to 0 the next day, what number should you bet?

Predicting the number 0 at the beginning of the next day, which number to bet on with a high winning rate mainly depends on each person’s experience in number reasoning. Each player will have different tips for catching numbers and a different probability of winning.

One of the methods of predicting early 0 that players often apply is to combine the number of exploded units. This argumentation will be more effective than the technique of reasoning number 1.

Return to 00

If the lottery starts with 0, the next day, what number should you bet on with the number 00? This is considered a rare pair of numbers that you are lucky to see only once every 100 days. Therefore, when you see this number in the special prize lottery results, immediately catch numbers 35, 36 and 38.

Topic 01

Normally, number 01 appears very rarely, but if it does, you should quickly take the opportunity to earn a bonus for yourself. In case today’s topic is 01, there is a high chance that sets of numbers 05, 07 and 09 will appear the next day.

At this point, you should proceed with cultivating the frame lot for 3 days with those numbers. However, if you want to play the lottery, you need to choose pairs of numbers 32, 34 and 38.
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Topic 02

With the number 02, the frequency of appearance is relatively high, so you can consider what number to bet on when the lottery comes to 0 the next day to increase your chances of earning bonuses. Numbers that are said to bring good luck the next day are 43, 56 or 90.

However, if you don’t come back, you should raise it for another day. Because these pairs of numbers can easily come out 2 or 3 times, so missing out on the chance to win a prize will be extremely unfortunate.

Topic 03

If the lottery comes to 0, the next day, what number should you bet on with 03? There is a high possibility that the following sets of numbers will be 65, 89, 94. Therefore, please note this to earn huge bonuses for yourself. Of course, if the question is 03, you should only bet on the lottery because the number theory is relatively difficult and the average rate is not high.

Topic 04

If today’s lottery number is 0, what number should you bet on next day with number 04? You should not ignore the following numbers: 11, 22 and 33. These are pairs of numbers with a relatively stable, even very straight ratio. or about 2 blinks.

Topic 05

With number 05 coming today, players should immediately catch numbers 67, 69 and 70 the next day. These are considered pairs of numbers that have been compiled over a long period of time by many lottery experts. Thanks to that, you will have the correct choice to increase your winning rate.

Topic 06

When the special prize is 06, you should consider starting with 0 and the next day, what number should you bet on with 40, 50 or 70. These will be safe choices with super attractive winning rates. This ensures you get lucky numbers when participating in lottery entertainment.

Topic 07

If 07 is in today’s special prize lottery results, players should not miss the heavenly opportunity with pairs of numbers 78, 87 or 96. Because these are numbers with a high probability of winning to help you earn quick prizes. quickly.

Topic about 08

As for the number 08 of the special prize, players can participate in the lottery and easily win. Therefore, immediately bet on the numbers 23, 32, 45, 54 with the 3-day frame lottery technique to make money in your pocket quickly.

Topic 09

In case the lottery comes to 0 the next day, what number should you bet on with the number 09? You should play the lottery with the numbers 78, 79 and 98. This is considered a safe choice to help ensure a relatively attractive winning rate. when participating in lottery.


With the above methods of predicting numbers of 0 and 0 the next day, we hope to help players find lucky numbers for themselves. Besides, please apply some other number-catching techniques to ensure a quick harvest of rice.

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