How Much Does It Pay To Play 4 Cross Bets In Soccer

How much does 4 skewers eat? is a common question among players who have not long experienced online soccer betting entertainment. This type of bet is quite difficult, so not all bettors know how to calculate money correctly. The article below is by Bongbet will answer This question is very accurate for new recruits to refer to New88sg.

Explain what the term “cross bet” is in football

Before looking for the answer to the question of how much a 4-way bet is, everyone needs to know that this term is widely used in bookmaker systems. If you want to participate in online betting effectively, new players must read the following information carefully.

Popularity of cross bets

Cross betting, also known as accumulator betting in the betting community, is an extremely popular type of betting in sports betting. To put it simply, players must bet money to predict the results of 2 or more matches.

It is not necessary to know how much the 4-way bet wins, but the player must follow the rule that all bets must win. For example, if you bet money on 3 matches, if you lose just 1 bet, you will immediately fail. It is that difficulty that makes this type of prediction only bettors with extensive experience participate in.

Cross bets in football

The term parlay betting is currently quite popular in online soccer betting. With the huge number of matches and tournaments, offering this type of play makes sense. In particular, the reward rate for those who predict correctly is also much higher than normal bets.

How to calculate the payout for a 4-way bet in soccer?

Basically, how much is a 4-skewer answer? There is no specific answer. Depending on the amount the player bets as well as the odds offered by the house, the reward level when winning will change.

However, everyone can absolutely apply the two formulas below to calculate when playing. As follows:

In case all the single bets you place win, the bonus = initial bet level x (match 1 odds x match 2 odds x match 3 odds x … x match n odds).

On the contrary, in case there is a draw or a win or loss bet of 1/2 money, the formula will be as follows:

  • If there is a draw or the house cancels the bet, the odds are officially equal to 1.
  • If there is a bet to win 1/2 money, the odds are calculated using the formula [1 + (odds – 1) / 2]
  • If there is a losing bet of 1/2 money, the odds are officially 1/2.

To help players better understand how much a skewer of 4 wins through the above two formulas, we will take the following example. Suppose the player bets $100 on 4 matches with odds of 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 respectively.
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  • If you win all 4 bets, the bonus amount received is $100 x (1.2 x 1.3 x 1.4 x 1.5) = $327.6.
  • If you win the first 2 bets, draw 3rd bet and win 1/2 of 4th bet, the bonus amount received is $100 x {1.2 x 1.3 x 1 x [1 + (1.5 – 1) / 2]} = $195.

Instructions on how to bet on 4 parlays to win big

After mastering the above formulas, new players will easily determine how much a 4 skewer pays when they win. However, this type of bet is extremely difficult for beginners who have not been in the profession for long. If you still want to try, don’t rush to invest money right away but learn from the experience below first!

Always keep a calm mind when making cross betting decisions

When betting on parlays, the first thing players need to do is keep their mind calm. If you let your emotions dominate and influence your decision to place money, your chances of winning are almost very low.

You should not bet too high when you first experience it

After finding out how much a 4-way bet is, everyone will surely realize that the more games they play, the lower their winning rate. Advice for new players is to only bet on 2 or 3 pars to understand the nature of the bet. After understanding how to play as well as having good betting experience, increase the bet to 4, 5 or more to earn huge bonuses.

Summary of betting information for each specific match pair

As we understand about the 4-way bet, people will have to bet on many matches at the same time. This can cause information confusion for new soccer bettors who have not been in the profession for long.

My advice is to filter out the content you will have to collect, then sort them into each match for comparison. As long as you follow this framework, the betting process will certainly take place extremely quickly and effectively.


Through the above content, New88 gave a very accurate answer to the question of how much is a 4-skewer. Hopefully this source of information will help new players participate in soccer parlay betting effectively.

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