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Algorithmonline is a great way to get rid of fraudulent traffic. How to fight bots

Algorithmonline, an online advertising agency, provides advertising traffic through targeted ads that are relevant to your products. This service will allow you to focus on your business and provide profitable customers. Sources like:

  • Streaming platforms (such gaming platforms)
  • Video content on topical websites
  • Various video hosting sites.


You pay per action system cost. That’s why you won’t have to pay for invalid traffic, callbacks, or views generated by dishonest programs. Results are what you pay for. Advertisements are targeted for your audience so you have a greater chance of getting your customer to register for an account, checkout, or install your app. The company can guarantee transparency and trust through daily detailed reports.

Algorithmonline Advertising Options

Advertising can be integrated into the video before, during, and after viewing. It is up to you when it should be shown. Many studies show that ads placed in the first half of a video get the most conversions. A banner can be added that will appear even if the video has been paused. You can determine which product or service is the most popular by looking at the statistics.

Bots can’t pass

Invalid traffic is a serious problem. More than half of all internet users are robots today. Digital media accounts for over 50% of all marketing budgets. Algorithmonline is a powerful way to fight unscrupulous programs. Each potential buyer must go through a multi-step screening procedure. The most efficient algorithms to filter out ineligible traffic are continually improving.

  • Verification of screen resolution
  • Device matching
  • Activity monitoring; Time to interact
  • Time on a page
  • Cursor movement

Last comment

This list could go on and on, as many algorithms can still easily be manipulated by robots. The protection system is continually being updated and new cases of suspicious behaviour are added to the database. Follow the link to begin cooperation and increase your business’s income.

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