The Applicant Tracking system makes the hiring process simple and rewarding.

It can be difficult for large organizations to find qualified candidates. This process is made easy by Applicant Tracking system. This system assists in the selection of employees. It gathers information about candidates. An organization may need a new workforce at regular intervals. This is when ATS steps in. This system is used by organizations to facilitate smooth hiring processes.

ATS is a user-friendly program. It allows you to track the candidate’s actions. This software can be used to build resumes, manage candidate profiles, job management, and even create career pages. ATS is the complete solution to the new world’s hiring process.

The Benefits of ATS

The Online Application Tracking System offers many benefits to recruiters looking for candidates. These are just a few of the benefits:

  • Quick shortlisting
  • Interviews in a flash
  • Position-based assessment
  • Hiring

It allows you to quickly create a candidate profile. The tabs allow candidates to enter their details and create a profile. This profile is available to recruiters. The recruiters can view the profile and make a decision based on his work history. This allows recruiters to save their preferences. They can also reach out to potential candidates at the right time.

Features of ATS App

The Application Tracking System has many great features. These features make recruitment simple for recruiters. The following pages are available in ATS to help you make hiring a simple process.

  • Tracking candidates
  • Resume parsing
  • Activity tracking
  • Management of jobs
  • Career Portal
  • Management of work flow
  • Import candidates
  • Real-time candidates

Bonus for Recruiters

Candidate tracking is a tool that recruiters use to identify potential candidates and then hire them. With a resume parser, you can search and save the data of candidates. This will help you with future reference. Activity tracking allows you to keep track of what the candidate is doing.

You can manage your job postings, receive applications, track candidates and make selections. A career portal page can help you attract qualified candidates to your company. Your application will be trusted if you have a career page. The recruiting process will be trusted by more candidates. This will allow you to manage a large staff for your company.

You can import details from many candidates using CSV or XI files. It can send applicants real-time notifications. It encourages applicants to update their work performance. The Online Applicant Tracking system offers a 14-day trial. It’s free to try it!

The job market is becoming more competitive. With so few job opportunities, there is fierce competition. Recruiters are looking for the best candidates to fill their critical positions. It makes it easy to apply for and recruit. Both candidates and recruiters will find it beneficial.

Last word

ATS can help you to have a more productive and proactive hiring process with a set of features. It’s a cost-effective platform. It is easy to source talent and make offers from one platform. This tracking system can give recruiters the best possible experience.

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