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Hikvision eDVR Series: Energy-Efficient, Durable, and Compact

Hikvision eDVR Series presents a range of digital video recorders that combine advanced features with eco-friendly design, delivering efficient and reliable video recording solutions for monitoring applications. Hikvision eDVR Series offers various features to enhance performance and simplify installation, from energy-saving capabilities to embedded solid-state drives and efficient video analytics.

Eco-friendly and Energy-Efficient

Hikvision eDVR Series stands out for its eco-friendly approach, consuming less power and reducing environmental impact. Leveraging eSSD (embedded solid-state drive) technology, these DVRs exhibit significantly lower energy consumption than traditional DVRs. With power consumption as low as 5.42 to 5.82 Watts, users can enjoy energy savings of 40 to 45 kWh per year, equivalent to approximately 3,000 smartphone charges.

Embedded Solid State Drive

Hikvision eDVR Series incorporates an embedded solid-state drive, offering industrial-level storage and sustained performance. This eliminates the need for separate HDD installation, saving time and improving DVR performance. The “screwless” design enables tool-free installation, reducing setup time by up to 70%. The eSSD’s structure enhances physical stability, making it more durable and resistant to impacts and vibrations.

Efficient Video Analytics

With Motion Detection 2.0 or AcuSense technology, the eDVRs provide efficient video analytics capabilities. These features enable accurate detection of humans and vehicles, minimizing false alarms triggered by insignificant moving objects such as animals or falling leaves. This cost-effective and time-saving approach allows users to focus on real threats while preserving essential details.

Optimized Storage Management

Hikvision eDVR Series employs Hikvision’s Scene-Adaptive Bitrate Control technology to optimize storage utilization. This intelligent feature allocates higher bitrates to scenes with high complexity, ensuring excellent video quality. In contrast, scenes with fewer or no moving objects generate streams with lower bitrates, conserving storage space. Users can make the most of their storage resources with improved coding efficiency by 20% and multiple storage period options, including 2-, 4-, and 8-week recordings.


Hikvision eDVR Series combines eco-friendly features, durable design, efficient video analytics, optimized storage management, and compact size to deliver an exceptional video recording solution. With reduced energy consumption, embedded solid-state drives, and advanced analytics capabilities, these DVRs offer reliable and high-performance monitoring management. Embrace the power of the eDVR Series and elevate your monitoring system with Hikvision’s innovative technology.

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