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Enhancing EV Charging with Winline Technology’s 30kW Power Module

Winline Technology introduces a game-changing 30kW power module for EV chargers, reshaping the landscape of electric vehicle charging. This innovative module optimizes charging efficiency and user interaction, offering a seamless experience for EV owners. Its adaptable design caters to a broad spectrum of EV models, ensuring compatibility and reliability. Crafted with precision and expertise, this power module delivers consistent performance across diverse environments. With a focus on enhancing the user journey, Winline’s solution sets a new standard for EV charging.

Versatile Voltage Output for Various EVs

The UXR100030B-30kW 1000V DC Charging Module boasts an ultra-wide output voltage range of 100~1000Vdc, making it suitable for different types of EVs. Whether you’re charging a compact electric car or a larger electric vehicle, this module provides the power you need.


Efficient Power Output and Temperature Control

With ultra-high output power capabilities under 300V~1000V output voltage, this module delivers a constant power output of 30KW. Its full-power wide working temperature range of -40~55℃ ensures optimal performance in various climates, making it suitable for global applications.

Certified Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness

The UXR100030B module is certified to meet CE and cTUVus standards, ensuring its reliability and safety. It also meets ROHS requirements, making it environmentally friendly. The built-in residual voltage releasing circuit reduces costs and enhances reliability, providing a cost-effective solution for EV charging infrastructure.


In conclusion, Winline Technology’s 30kW power module for EV chargers is a versatile, efficient, and reliable solution for enhancing EV charging infrastructure. Its wide range of features, including versatile voltage output, efficient power output, and certified reliability, make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to upgrade their EV charging capabilities.

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