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Enhancing Efficiency with Vzense’s 3D Depth Sensing Camera Technology

In the realm of cutting-edge technology, Vzense takes the lead with its advanced 3D depth sensing camera, a revolutionary product in the field of ToF technology. Their DS77C series, combining ToF and RGB capabilities, presents unparalleled accuracy and performance, proudly integrating Sony DepthSense technology.

Equipped with high-precision sensors

The DS77C Pro and DS77C Lite, equipped with Sony CW iToF sensors, boast a maximum frame rate of 25fps, ensuring swift and precise depth sensing. With a 940nm VCSEL*2 emitter, these cameras achieve millimeter accuracy, catering to a wide range of applications, from industrial automation to robotics.

Seamless Integration

Vzense cameras provide a smooth integration process and offer versatility in power options. They can be powered either through Power over Ethernet (PoE+) or a 12V~24V DC power supply, allowing for convenient and flexible power management. In terms of physical connections, Vzense offers a choice between M12 Aviation Plugs and RJ45+DC Jack, accommodating various setups and providing flexibility in connecting the cameras to different systems.

Performance Unleashed

The DS77C series supports 16bit(depth)+8bit(IR)+JPEG(RGB) output formats, ensuring detailed and accurate data representation. The wide ToF field of view at 70°(H)*50°(V) and the RGB module’s expansive 77°(H)*55°(V) field of view deliver comprehensive spatial awareness.

Enduring Quality

Rated at IP67 and IP42, the DS77C series stands strong against environmental challenges, making it a reliable choice for diverse applications.


Vzense’s 3D depth sensing cameras redefine precision and reliability in the realm of ToF technology. Elevate your projects with the DS77C series, where innovation meets accuracy.

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