Classic vs. Volume: Which LLBA eyelash extensions is better?

There are many options for eyelash extensions in the eyelash industry. You must have a good understanding of all types of lash extensions to be a successful lash artist. To help you understand lash procedures better, we’ll be discussing the LLBA Professional Classic & Volume eyelash extensions products in this article. This is a very brief comparison. Do you find it interesting?

LLBA Classic lashes

LLBA’s classic lashes are impossible to ignore, but the Super Mink lashes are just as impressive. LLBA Super Mink lashes are a natural option for clients who want a more natural look. These lashes are darker than regular mink lashes, and they have a matte black color. Because they are so delicate and light, most people feel they look like natural eyelashes. These lashes are silky and soft, and have a texture that is similar to real fur. They are also water-resistant and last longer because they are light and delicate. They are also cruelty-free and cost a fraction of the cost of natural mink.

The pros of LLBA classic lashes are that they can be used in almost any situation. Classic sets don’t look dramatic because only one lash is attached per natural lash. Classic styles are natural and can be used in a variety of situations. Clients won’t need to worry about their eyelash line being too obvious or dramatic for formal or day wear. This type of eyelash extension is not for everyone. It takes a lot of time to do a set for clients. If your client only needs a few extensions, they will be able to wait while you complete the set.

LLBA Professional Volume lashes

The LLBA Camellia Promade Fans product line is a must-have if you want to find the most volume fans of the brand. Camellia Fan Lashes are lashes that come in different lengths. The fan’s three different lengths mimic the natural growth cycle for eyelashes. The different lengths allow you to add depth and texture to your lash sets, which is much easier than single-length lashes. Camellia Promades can be used to create a variety of length fans for your lashes. Camellia Promades allow you to create unique, personal designs that will let you express your creativity fully. If you’re familiar with Promades, and want to find innovative ways to use them while still enjoying the speed and quality of their operation, these fans are for you. Trendy are not only the Camellia products, but also other volume fans from LLBA.

This eyelash type is a great choice for clients who want to have stunning and exceptional eyes. Volume extension creates a dramatic and more prominent effect that is easier to see. This style is perfect for clients who have limited lash line lengths and are restricted in the amount of Classic sets they can use. However, clients who have had multiple lash extensions applied to their natural lash can feel uncomfortable and heavy. This is especially true for first-timers.

Which is better?

Each type of LLBA lash will have its advantages and disadvantages, as we already mentioned. It is therefore difficult to predict which type of eyelash extensions will produce the best results for your clients. Instead of making a decision, consider the opinions and condition of your clients’ eyelashes. The LLBA Super Mink lashes product range is a good choice for clients who want natural and gentle beauty. This classic eyelash extension is also suitable for people who have weak eyes and are prone to breaking.

Last word

If your clients desire a dramatic, dramatic look, you can recommend the Camellia volume lash fan line from LLBA. LLBA has the dedication and professionalism to provide you with the highest quality eyelash extensions. You don’t have to worry about any negative effects. You can choose the product line your clients love most and you’ll also get attractive discounts if large quantities are purchased. You can help your clients achieve the best lashes by using high-quality eyelash extension products.

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