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Bring Joy Home with Bouncinlife’s 10FT Mini White Bounce House Castle


Experience endless fun and excitement with Bouncinlife‘s 10FT Mini White Bounce House Castle. Perfect for indoor and outdoor play, and if you want to buy inflatable castle, this compact inflatable is a must-have for children’s parties and everyday entertainment. With its open design and secure play features, it offers a safe and thrilling environment for kids to bounce and play to their heart’s content.

Open Design, Safe Play

Bouncinlife’s 10FT Mini White Bounce House Castle features an open front and inflated PVC walls, ensuring both visibility and safety. While it lacks a roof, it provides an enclosed space for bouncing fun, allowing children to enjoy themselves while parents supervise with ease.

Fun and Safety Combined

Designed to hold up to 250 lbs, this bounce house castle guarantees endless enjoyment for children of all ages. Its sturdy 100% PVC construction with safety walls ensures durability and safety for year-round use, both indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a casual playdate, this bounce house castle promises hours of laughter and joy.

Includes Ball Pit

Take the excitement to the next level with the included ball pit, adding an extra element of fun to any party. Fill it with colorful decorations or toys like sand, bubbles, or bobble balls for an unforgettable play experience. Let imaginations soar as children dive into the ball pit and create cherished memories together.


Make every day a celebration with Bouncinlife’s 10FT Mini White Bounce House Castle. With its open design, secure play features, and included ball pit, it’s the ultimate entertainment solution for families everywhere.

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