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iM3: Enhancing Patient Comfort and Safety with Advanced Monitoring Technology

When it comes to patient care, comfort and safety are of utmost importance. The patient vital signs monitor, iM3 by Edan Hospital, incorporates advanced monitoring technology to ensure a seamless and secure experience for patients. Let’s explore how the iM3 enhances patient comfort and safety through its innovative features.

Non-invasive and continuous monitoring

The iM3 offers non-invasive monitoring options, minimizing patient discomfort and eliminating the need for invasive procedures. With continuous monitoring capabilities, healthcare professionals can track vital signs without interrupting patient rest or mobility. This non-invasive approach not only enhances patient comfort but also reduces the risk of complications, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of medical scenarios.

Intelligent alarms and notifications

Patient safety is a top priority, and the iM3 addresses this with its intelligent alarm and notification system. The monitor is equipped with customizable alarms that alert healthcare professionals to abnormal vital sign readings, ensuring timely interventions. Additionally, the iM3 can send notifications to designated caregivers or healthcare teams, facilitating seamless communication and coordinated care. These intelligent features enhance patient safety by enabling swift responses to critical situations.


The iM3 patient vital signs monitor prioritizes patient comfort and safety through its advanced monitoring technology. With non-invasive and continuous monitoring options, patients can experience enhanced comfort while receiving optimal care. The intelligent alarm and notification system further enhances patient safety by alerting healthcare professionals to critical situations. With the iM3, patient comfort and safety are at the forefront of monitoring technology.

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