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Elevating Architectural Excellence with HOMI’s Versatile Aluminum Solutions

At the heart of Cubao, Quezon City, the vibrant commercial hub of the Philippines, stands Aurora Escalades – a testament to HOMI’s commitment to delivering innovative aluminum solutions. Strategically located amidst flourishing centers and major transportation networks, this project showcases HOMI‘s ability to seamlessly integrate their high-quality aluminum profiles into the urban landscape, transforming the built environment and enhancing the overall user experience.

Rewriting the Hospitality Narrative in Uganda

Across the African continent, in the verdant hills of Moroto, Uganda, Hotel Africana Moroto stands as a shining example of HOMI’s expertise in crafting exceptional aluminum doors and windows. As a sister property to the renowned Hotel Africana, this project exemplifies HOMI’s dedication to providing tailored solutions that cater to the unique needs of the hospitality industry, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

Elevating Residential Living in Ghana

Nestled in the foothills of the Aburi Mountains, just a short distance from the bustling Accra Mall and Kotoka International Airport, the AYI&OYA RESIDENTIAL AREA in Ghana represents HOMI’s commitment to enhancing the living experience through their innovative aluminum products. From sleek sliding doors to elegant entrance systems and high-performance casement windows, HOMI’s solutions seamlessly blend form and function, elevating the architectural vision and providing residents with unparalleled comfort and convenience.

Adaptability and Versatility at the Core

Across these diverse projects, HOMI’s aluminum solutions have consistently demonstrated their remarkable adaptability and versatility. Whether it’s the vibrant commercial setting of Aurora Escalades, the hospitality-focused requirements of Hotel Africana Moroto, or the residential sophistication of the AYI&OYA RESIDENTIAL AREA, HOMI’s aluminum profiles have the ability to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of architectural styles and project demands, showcasing the company’s deep understanding of the evolving needs of the built environment.


By combining innovative engineering, exceptional aesthetics, and a deep understanding of the architectural landscape, HOMI’s aluminum solutions have become the go-to choice for professionals seeking to elevate their projects and create lasting impressions. Whether in commercial, hospitality, or residential settings, these versatile profiles offer a transformative solution, empowering architects and designers to push the boundaries of contemporary design and deliver unparalleled experiences for end-users.

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