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Advanced Sensing Redefined: Benewake’s Time of Flight Lidar

The Benewake time of flight lidar sets a new standard in the field of laser rangefinding technology, delivering enhanced performance and reliability for a range of industrial applications. An evolution from its predecessor, the TF02, this model boasts improvements in range, power efficiency, and environmental adaptability.

Precision Engineering for Enhanced Measurement

The time of flight lidar excels in delivering precise distance measurements up to 40 meters, combined with a minimal blind zone of just 10cm. These capabilities are bolstered by an advanced optical system and an optimized circuit design, which enhance the sensor’s overall accuracy and responsiveness. Operating at frequencies up to 1000Hz, the TF02-Pro ensures rapid data processing, crucial for real-time application needs in dynamic environments such as drone altitude holding and smart parking solutions.

Built to Last: High-Strength and Environment-Resistant Design

Robustness is at the core of the TF02-Pro design, which features an IP65-rated enclosure that guarantees protection against dust and low-pressure water jets. This level of durability makes the TF02-Pro ideal for outdoor and adverse conditions encountered in fields like smart agriculture. The housing, made from high-strength ABS and PC materials, ensures that the LiDAR not only withstands physical impacts but also operates effectively under high ambient light conditions up to 100k Lux, thanks to its superior light immunity.


Benewake‘s time of flight lidar is more than just a measurement tool; it is a versatile solution engineered to meet the demanding requirements of modern industrial applications. With its superior range, robust design, and flexible connectivity, the TF02-Pro is poised to transform how professionals approach tasks requiring precise and reliable distance measurements. Whether it’s enhancing drone functionality, improving transportation safety, or optimizing agricultural practices, the TF02-Pro stands ready to deliver performance and reliability at every level.

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